the platform for users of temperature control appliances

Our topics: Controlled atmosphere and
an active climate protection in the laboratory

Dear visitors,

There are millions of users of temperature control appliances all over the world. For this reason, would like to offer a platform on which applications and customer-specific solutions are discussed, fields of application for different temperature control appliances are introduced and frequently asked questions (link to FAQs) are published. Independent of time zones and national frontiers, we want to stimulate dialogue about the newest technological developments and the expectations of a perfectly controlled atmosphere in the laboratory oven.

What else are we aiming to achieve?

Apart from technical perfection, we also want to actively promote climate protection. We consider 100% AtmoSAFE to be a duty to bring environmental considerations into laboratories all across the world. On this platform, we will report about energy efficiency at regular intervals, explain about sustainable technologies and introduce exemplary initiatives. Please do not hesitate to contact us for questions and suggestions. We look forward to a dialogue with you.


Your AtmoSAFE Team