There is lots of engineering crammed
into myAtmoSAFE

We can put into practice any special request that customers may have. This is something that lots of companies profess. But in reality such promises are measured in terms of achievability, flexibility, technical know-how, experience and speed of response.

“For a complex customer-specific solution, sometimes specialists from the fields of electronics, mechanics and heating and cooling technology are involved at the same time“, explains Heinz Bayer, head of Technical Sales at Memmert. Because on the one hand, the Memmert seal of approval, 100% controlled atmosphere, also applies to individual solutions, on the other the delivery time also has to be right.

customer-specific solution

“We are in a position to be able to implement almost every special request“, adds Heinz Bayer, “because for industrial applications in particular, the fittings and technical parameters of standard appliances are sometimes pushed to their limits. But apart from engineering, it is also important to integrate this intelligently, which also means efficiently, into our production process so that the delivery time for the requested individual appliance is as close as possible to the delivery time for standard appliances.“

The technical service department and Heinz Bayer himself will be pleased to answer all your questions concerning customer-specific solutions. Please get in touch with us at myAtmoSAFE@Laborgeräte.Temperiergeräte.Forschung&

  • Feed-throughs and ducts 
  • Special fittings such as weighing equipment
  • Temperatures in the heating and cooling range
  • Air pressure and replenishment
  • Air speed and increased exhaust air
  • Relative humidity
  • Light intensity and spectrum
  • Different gas concentrations (e.g. carbon dioxide CO2/nitrogen N2)
  • Special extra thickness, fitted (wall) frames
  • Telescopic trays
  • Heavy duty appliances, heavy duty floor grids
  • Operating panel at bottom, special bases, stacking frame (secured against tipping over